Aesthetic Services Aesthetic Services

Dermal Exfoliation


A gentle skincare treatment to remove dull dead skin cells and vellus aka “peach fuzz” from the face to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion.

Dermal Infusion

A skincare treatment that simultaneously exfoliates and infuses conditioning serums deep into the skin and is customized to each person targeting aging or acne-prone skin.

Facial / Body Services

PCA Chemical Peels

This line of peels is customized to each client’s individual needs by one of our licensed professionals.

Customized Facials

Our experienced, licensed aesthetician evaluates the skincare needs and identifies goals for every cosmetic client. Each custom treatment plan is created using the highest quality medical-grade products for each facial.

Facial / Body Waxing

Our facial and body waxing results are achieved with maximum comfort and minimized irritation. Customized services offered for the face and full body for ladies and gentlemen.

Brow / Lash Services

Brow Shaping

Brows are groomed and shaped using a special polymer blend stripless wax suitable for the most sensitive skin.

Lash Lift

A plant-based alternative to Keratin treatments. Styling shields are placed on the eye to give lashes the desired curl or “lift.” Special solutions are applied to the natural lashes to set the lift. A unique blend of amino acids and antioxidants are applied afterward to infuse moisture back into the lashes and promote healthy hair growth. *Lash lifts last 4-6 weeks

Brow / Lash Tinting

Our gel-based tints are a great way to give the brows and lashes more definition.

Henna Brow

A natural, vegan-based henna product, this fast-growing trend in brow tintings stains the skin under the eyebrow hairs for the appearance of naturally dense, beautiful brows.

*Brow tinting can potentially stain the skin giving a “faux” microbladed look. This side effect is completely transient and dissipates in 2-5 days.

We embrace the unique natural beauty of each of

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